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Brow Soap (includes free water dispenser)

Brow Soap (includes free water dispenser)

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Want fluffy natural brows?

This clear brow soap is the answer.

Drys clear and is non-clagging like other brow soaps.

♥️ Not tested on animals

♥️ Natural Ingredients

Includes convenient sized water spray bottle to be used with brow soap.

Pop into your makeup bag when travelling or shopping.


♥️  Olive Oil – beneficial for eyebrows as it contains fatty acids as well as vitamins E and K, which all work to soften, moisturize, repair, and protect our hair and hair follicles.

♥️ Vitamin E Oil – provides all the essential nutrients and anti-oxidants for thicker and darker eyebrow hair growth.

♥️ Coconut Oil – known to reduce protein loss and make the hair follicles stronger.

♥️ Jojoba Oil – rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and is also thought that jojoba oil can prevent hair loss and promote hair thickness.

♥️ Hamamelis Virgininana Extract (Witch Hazel) – cleanses skin and removes excess oils creating a beneficial base for products on the skin.

Simply Spray or wet your mini applicator with water and massage into brow soap.

Style your brows into desired brow design.



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