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Bonbon Hand & Trolley Sanitiser

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Get our Hand and Surface Sanitiser solution to keep with you on the go then or at home.

Made in  New Zealand | Premium Formula

  • High Active Formula: 69% Alcohol + Vitamin E
  • Effectively eliminates 99.9% of  harmful germs + bacteria
  • No order limits| 125ml Vanilla Scent

We have formulated this sanitiser for you: Use me to Sanitise Surfaces and is a Hand Sanitiser when you’re on the go or at home.


  • Hands
  • Supermarket Trolley Handles
  • Door handles
  • Steering wheel
  • Equipment you are worried about touching
  • Eftpos cards – Phones – Keys etc
  • Any surface you are concerned about touching due to possible contamination.

Effective at eliminating 99.9% of many common harmful germs and bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and S. aureus. High Alcohol Formula at 69%

Formulated in New Zealand.

  • Fast-acting
  • No water needed
  • Soothing


Vanilla and Caramel scented: DO NOT INHALE | This is a hand and surface sanitiser and not a perfume.

  • Surfaces: Use to mist spray onto surfaces to sanitise e.g. Door handles or Trolley handles before touching.
  • Hands: Mist on to palm. Rub hands together until dry. No need to use water.
  • Do not inhale


69% Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerin (Glycerol) , Vitamin E (Dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) , Fragrance.