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Minx TAN DRY Brush

Minx TAN DRY Brush

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Super Soft Tan Dry Dusting Brush is made from tightly packed synthetic hair with quality construction providing the perfect finish when applying TANDRY Drying Powder. Can also be used as a blending brush for your tan.


After air-drying client, dispense 2 tablespoons of TAN DRY powder into a jar. Dip Dusting Brush into the powder, tap off any excess. Gently brush powder over the skin ensuring that you cover one area at a time paying particular attention to behind the knees, décolletage and inside of the elbows. The skin should feel dry and not sticky. Dress immediately after use. Rinse off your tan as normal.


In keeping good hygiene, rinse the brush under warm water, use a gentle soap, rinse till water runs clear and leave out to air dry.

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